Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Leaving Tomorrow

Well, I've been absolutely terrible about updating in the past two months. I hope this isn't indicative of how connected I'll be once little Edy is here at home with us. As anyone can imagine, we've been busy, busy, busy.

We went to Dallas between Christmas and New Year to visit family and friends. It was great to be back in the Big D and we made quite the tour of restaurants we miss. Edy's godmother totally surprised me with a shower on the night I arrived. The hilarious bit was that because I had a cold and was tired, I kept trying to blow off the ruse she'd crafted. Luckily *everybody* else was in on it and they gently nudged my social grace. It was a charming little shower -- very cozy and intimate. I'll post pics if I get any.
Shortly after the holidays we got our travel approval. I was truly surprised it came through so quickly and we scheduled matters to go as soon after Chinese New Year as was practical. I think the agency might have been a little surprised we didn't want to go sooner, but honestly, we needed this much time to get everything together and for Paul to wrap up his work.
On the 10th, our wonderful friends at Paul's work threw us another shower. This one was really a party atmosphere and everyone had a great time. Leave it to gals in Markering to throw a great shower!
Paul's direct boss has also been invaluable to us in our travel prep because she lived in
China for a while. She donated lots of nifty authentic decor to the party that we got to keep.
In addition to sorting all the baby booty, packing, getting visas, and shopping, we also found a great service to get a care package to Edy and her foster family. Ann at Red Thread China has been wonderful and we highly recommend her services. The most important thing we were able to send, aside from a letter thanking her foster parents, was a recordable photo album. We included several puctures of ourselves and the family cat, as well as close family members. We labled the family members in Chinese and made audio recordings in our own voices and even sang a song! We hope that she'll be at least a tiny bit familiar with us this way.
All of the essential baby gear is in place. The bags are almost all packed. Airport arrangements and grandparent visits are set, the cat sitter is booked. Aside from cleaning up the mess around here (oops) and calming our nerves ... I think we're ready to go to China and be parents!
Red Thread China

Photo album


  1. Congratulations, I hope the trip is going very well and we can't wait to hear that you are all together as a family at last!


  2. Hello - I have a strange question for you. Are you planning on continuing with this blog? I am interested in the web address for a new blog. (And congrats on your adoption!)